This Day in 2011, I honoured Aryabhatta unwillingly by scoring a king pair-Viru

Cricket , kya game hai boss ?  5 years ago on this day ,I scored a king pair. And it was a very hard-working king-pair. I travelled from NCA in Bangalore to Delhi, from Delhi to London and from London to Birmingham. First innings, the first ball I faced, Caught Prior ,bowled Broad for 0 of 1 ball. Then I fielded for more than 2 days, a total of 188.1 overs as England scored more than 700. I came out to bat in the second innings and this time the first ball I faced,caught Strauss ,bowled Anderson again for 0 of 1 ball.


                                                                    Pic Courtsey- Getty Images

Wow! I felt like that kid in your gully who just keeps fielding and gets to bat for 2 balls.But I doubt even the Kacha Limbus (a word used to describe a small player in street cricket) would have ever done so much hard work.

I travelled 4000 miles to score a king pair and fielded for 188.1 overs. Aryabhatt invented Zero, but on this day unwillingly I honoured him by scoring this king pair, which only 12 people had achieved in test cricket before me.

Yaar, itni kam batting aur itni saari fielding, kisi ko na karni pade !




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